Commission a Review

Podcast Pinpoints are bite-sized reviews written by a podcast journalist with a decade of media critic experience under their belt. You commission me, I write 150 to 200 words of honest critique. Perhaps more if I really like the podcast. If you’re looking for something more longform or one-on-one consultation, please use the Contact Me page to get in touch and discuss rates.

Submit a commission here!

Payment Structure

Podcast Pinpoints and long-form reviews are invoiced on a half-now half-later basis. A Pinpoint costs $50 total to commission, with fifty percent due to secure the commission slot followed by a second invoice when the piece is finished and ready for publication.

Payment is preferred via Paypal but alternative arrangements can be made.

Podcast produced with a crew primarily composed of marginalized creators (LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, AAPI, etc.) receive a discounted rate. If any fans of a particular podcast that fits this description wish to sponsor that show and pay their way into a Pinpoint, please use the Contact Me form to give a heads up!

My Review Ethics

I will likely not review a podcast for any of the following reasons:

  • The creator has a history of abusive/violent/offensive etc. behavior towards others in the podcasting community.
  • I knew the creator outside of podcasting prior to the show’s production.
  • It is clearly unedited audio of a video live stream. Unless it has a lot of production value added after the fact it’s difficult to make footage of a Twitch or YouTube sesh engaging.

This site was originally created to promote media that moves me. On the occasion I write something with a strong critical slant, it’s because a larger producer puts out worth critiquing or I’ve noticed a recurring problem. There’s nothing to be gained by my dunking on a tiny indie how because I didn’t dig it. I won’t mince words, but I also don’t get off on being a dick for the sake of punching down.

If something potentially creating a conflict of interest comes up, such as a cast member who I’ve done paid work with in the past, I will disclose* our previous engagements in the review for the sake of clarity.

*Disclosures do not count towards the final word count of a Pinpoint.

You are commissioning a queer trans writer to review a podcast you worked on.

That might seem like a bit much to put in giant text but I want to be explicitly clear. Four years of my email being accessible to press agents shows attention to detail is sometimes… lacking in the world of people who email podcast critics.

What I Generally Like

Well-researched Nonfiction

I talk about Criminal, Flash Forward, and Ologies a lot for a reason. They’re well-presented, tightly edited, ethical, and well-researched.

Actual play with passion

I love actual play, I even love table talk and dice sounds in the mix. I know it’s a hot topic for some, but I enjoy it. What I don’t dig is AP that goes for two hours an episode but only has thirty minutes of forward momentum. Or AP featuring players who’re kinda just there to be there.

Fun Gimmicks

Fuzzy Logic, Hey Riddle Riddle, Beyond Beyond Belief, these are all chat-heavy nonfiction shows but they have one important draw: They have a fun game built into the conversation! Improv comedy can fall flat without structure, the games motivate discussion/entertaining content.

Can I buy a Pinpoint for a show I didn’t make?

Absolutely! The only difference is the Pinpoint will contain a disclaimer that it was commissioned by a fan and not the crew.

If you’ve made it through all of this text then congratulations, the show you want to tell me about must really be worth it! For one final time: the form to submit for a Pinpoint can be found here.