Stuff I've Listened To

Welcome to the temporary landing page for episodes of the podcast about me listening to podcasts: Stuff I’ve Listened To!

A RadioPublic embed of episode 1

Podcasts discussed:
Reveal – Levar Burton’s PSA ad break
Stuff I’ve Listened To – The oddly attention-grabbing serials Ackerman writes.

Podcasts discussed:
Blank Check with Griffin and David: Silence of the Lambs
HORSE Ep. 42: Wanna Sprite Cranberry?
The Joust ep. 3
Brimstone Valley Mall ep 5: Boo, Earth Bad.

Podcasts discussed
Decoder Ring: A very bougie ad break
99% Invisible – Missing the Bus
The Adventure Zone – Graduation ep. 7

Podcasts discussed:
Criminal – Red Hair, Gold Car
Finish It! (most of the first arc, no spoilers)
Over the Road – Episode 1