a review of action button reviews boko no natuyasumi

Why yes, I’m reviewing a review that takes six hours to watch. A review of a review of a niche Playstation game that was only released in Japan. I do what I want.

This is a review of action button reviews boku no natsuyasumi, the opening video of Action Button season two. In the interest of not undermining the herculean amounts of research and writing that went into Rogers’ review, I will avoid going too much into specific detail. Instead this text will be more of a broad spoiler-free birds-eye view of whether or not you should watch this six hour review of a Playstation game.

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Chill YouTube for When You Just Need a Bit of a Break

Yes, this isn’t podcast-related, but I argue always-online podcasters/freelancers/content creators in particular are probably in need of some good things to distract from the world outside. There’s many phenomenal lists written by phenomenal people showcasing hopepunk, comedy, and general escapist podcasts, this list covers things that do that for me when my brain isn’t in the mood for audio alone. 

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6 Killer We Hate Movies Spooktacular Episodes

It’s October, which means it’s time for one of my favorite seasonal podcast events: The We Hate Movies Spooktacular! For the uninitiated, throughout October the WHM gang only cover horror movies. From the biggest franchises to deep cut obscure flicks you’ve never heard of; the Spooktacular always delivers. You know you’re in for a good time when the fantastic Spooktacular theme song kicks in.

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We Hate Movies Presents: The Nexus | Patronized Reviews

the nexus.jpg

In this first installment of a when-I-feel-like-it feature series in which I take a break from reviewing plain-old iTunes-submitted podcasts and cover shows only available to paying supporters on Patreon!

In essence a spin-off of the amazing podcast We Hate Movies, The Nexus features hosts Andrew Jupin, Chris Cabin, Steven Sajdak, and Eric Szyszka engaging in a monthly discussion of two Star Trek series, episode by episode. Available at the $8 per-month tier (stick around to the end of the review for everything also included!), each episode discusses one episode of Star Trek: The Original Series and an episode of The Next Generation. Continue reading “We Hate Movies Presents: The Nexus | Patronized Reviews”