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Thanks for your interest in getting in touch with me! As of July 22, 2021 I am no longer soliciting individual podcasts for review. If you have a show you think would be of interest to me, by all means submit it, but I currently have a recurring freelance position writing multiple reviews a month that has severely limited the amount of time I can spend sifting through all the bland chaff to find the wheat.

If your podcast is produced by marginalized talent (namely BIPOC or trans folk), it is likely something I’m interested in. Even if that interest manifests in me telling friends about it or posting a few tweets. Just know the traditional podcast blog post is going to be far rarer than the old days. Just select “contact” in the form below if that’s what you’re messaging about.

In addition you can use this form to:

  • Get in contact (freelance work, tips, questions)
  • Submit a podcast crowdfunding campaign (please include direct links and start/end dates!)