About Me

Greetings, fellow audiophiles! My name is Gavin Gaddis, I’m a queer nonbinary media critic with a penchant for reveiwing podcasts.

Since 2011 I’ve been employed to have an opinion on entertainment and industry goings-on, including two collegiate newspapers and a local free magazine. I even managed to win first and third place in the 2016 Indiana Collegiate Press Association yearly awards (ask me about the winners sometime, one’s got a dirty word in the lede).

In 2018 I launched The Pod Report as a place to review podcasts young and old, with a focus on promoting smaller indie shows and calling established industry giants on their bullshit. In the summer of 2021 I made the executive decision to rebrand the website to simply my name. All of The Pod Report’s archive still exists, failed attempts at weekly content and all, but with the majority of my writing time dedicated to freelance work and personal fiction projects it felt like the right move to shift the branding away from having an outlet to owning the fact this is my blog.

The podcasting content shall remain, more might even be published, but it’ll be peppered with for-funsies articles about video essays, vibes in video games, and occasional old-school blogs about life.