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Three Awesome Episodes: A Newsletter Excerpt

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For the two of you who haven’t seen me running around hat in hand on Twitter, I’ve started a monthly newsletter! All the other cool kids are putting out newsletters, it felt like just the kind of thing to motivate me to get some writing done on a regular basis. What follows is a fun section from last month’s publication!  Continue reading “Three Awesome Episodes: A Newsletter Excerpt”

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The DIY acoustic box that only cost $10 (and my dignity)

A secret weapon of many podcasters and voice actors on a budget is the acoustic box (or mic box or whatever random-ass name someone has come up with for their YouTube tutorial). At its core the concept is simple: take a box, line the inside with foam to deaden any sound bouncing around, thus giving a more professional-sounding final product. No more need to drop dollars on acoustic foam tiles that make ones’ bedroom look like they’re trying to be the next hot YouTube gamer. Continue reading “The DIY acoustic box that only cost $10 (and my dignity)”

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Top Ten Mainstream Podcasts: Criminal.

While I share Wil Williams‘ passion for highlighting indie podcasts, I’m new in town and feel a sample of what my core must-listens are (at the time of writing, these change every few months or so). Over the next ten days I’ll be sharing a mini-post per day highlighting one of my favorite mainstream podcasts. Continue reading “Top Ten Mainstream Podcasts: Criminal.”

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My Podcast Subscriptions [As of 1-16-18]

Above you see every podcast I am currently subscribed to using the Podcast Addict app on Android. The first two black squares represent subscriptions to my own projects used for monitoring and self-testing. The other two black squares are because I didn’t do the math on how many rows it would take to make this picture look nice and just plopped the final seven podcasts into the bottom row.

Some of these I listen to almost daily, some of the shows I haven’t even listened to yet. The amount of un-listened episodes is not an indicator of how much I like or listen to the show in question!