Introducing: Podcast Pinpoints

For a year or so I had a pretty good (if underpaid) gig reviewing podcasts in bite-sized reviews. The kinda critique you’d find in a local newspaper or magazine’s media section. It was a fun time. I’m gonna try to rekindle that fun on my own.

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The Pod Report Weekly – 8/21/20

Audio version tomorrow! My fiance is off work and, to be real for a second: I get stage fright recording around her so… IOU podcast version. This week is once again recommendation-less as I got a very cool email last week that set me up for a paid review gig, but a side effect of that is I’ve only listened to [Redacted] and comfort shows. Hence the episode spotlight below.

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The Pod Report Weekly – 7/31/20

A Spotify embed of the podcast version of this post, a direct link to which can be found here.

The below text is a highly-edited-for-readability version of the podcast episode.

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The Pod Report Weekly – 7/24/20

A Spotify embed for the podcast episode this post is based on. A direct link can be found here.

The below text is a highly-edited-for-readability version of the podcast episode. For a more direct transcript of the audio, see this Google Drive folder for the downloadable document.

My solo podcast-discussion-podcast Stuff I’ve Listened To is no more. Well, in name, at least. I’ve enjoyed making SILT all these weeks but the name sucked both as an intitialism and a thing someone has to type into a search bar.

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Podcasters are People: The Intimacy of Medium vs. Parasocial Relationships

A masterfully written piece by Wil that every podcaster who’s growing a fanbase needs to see.

Wil Williams Writes

There’s an issue in podcasting that’s bothered me about fandom culture for as long as I can remember. It’s the uneasy feeling I get when I see fanfiction written about real people. It’s the pang of pain I feel for celebrities whose personal lives get speculated on by complete strangers. And it’s something I’m seeing more and more of in podcasting.

The phenomenon is what happens when parasocial relationships allow strangers to feel educated about, or entitled to, a creator or performer’s life.

If you want a primer on the topic, we covered parasocial relationships in podcasting on an episode of Tuned In, Dialed Up, the podcast I make in partnership with fellow podcast critic Gavin Gaddis:

What is a parasocial relationship?

Coined in the 1956 piece “Mass Communication and Para-Social Interaction: Observations on Intimacy at a Distance” by Donald Horton and Richard Wohl, the term “parasocial…

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The Grinch (2018): The marketing sucks, I still cried.

Universal Studios has set this movie up for failure among critics by launching a marketing campaign that feels like they had a bunch of slogans for a second wave of Grumpy Cat ads that never came to be and just slapped the Grinch’s face on it. Yesterday I enjoyed a stack of green pancakes while sitting in the shade of an Ihop window vinyl with the words “I’m not impressed” next to that smarmy looking green fuck.

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Three Awesome Episodes: A Newsletter Excerpt

podreport monthly header.jpg

For the two of you who haven’t seen me running around hat in hand on Twitter, I’ve started a monthly newsletter! All the other cool kids are putting out newsletters, it felt like just the kind of thing to motivate me to get some writing done on a regular basis. What follows is a fun section from last month’s publication!  Continue reading “Three Awesome Episodes: A Newsletter Excerpt”