The Pod Report Weekly – 8/21/20

Audio version tomorrow! My fiance is off work and, to be real for a second: I get stage fright recording around her so… IOU podcast version. This week is once again recommendation-less as I got a very cool email last week that set me up for a paid review gig, but a side effect of that is I’ve only listened to [Redacted] and comfort shows. Hence the episode spotlight below.

Episode Spotlight

My Brother, My Brother, and Me 523: Dad’s Fat Trash Sack.

Having spent three months out of the MBMBaM game, I had a heck of a lot of content to catch up on over this last week. Wowee wow did 523 come out of left field to be an absolute highlight of an episode. Dad’s Fat Trash Sack may not have any bits that went TikTok/Twitter viral (like the Porky Pig cunnilingus joke that vastly overshadows the episode it’s from), but as a complete package this is a funny-ass episode of My Brother, My Brother, and Me that has the potential to remain funny in the long term. 

For all the viral hits/intentionally-manufactured TikTok moments of July, I suspect those moments lose their lustre if you’re not getting that flood of excited funny queer folk churning out MBMBaM TikToks an hour after each new episode drops. The meta-jokes require one to be actively using an app that might not exist in five years’ time. Dad’s Fat Trash Sack transcends time and place.

That, and I’m an absolute sucker for the steady Dad-ification of the McElroys over the last few years. There’s a sense they’ve truely struck a vein of humor and observation they can sink their teeth into comfortably. Between the trash bag-based bit the episode is named after and an extended series of references to a 26 year-old Jim Carrey vehicle, there’s a lot of Not Current Humor at play and it’s extremely refreshing.

Ice Cream Songs and Raw Fettuccini won MBMBaM bit highlights of 2019, I submit Dad’s Fat Trash Sack as the frontrunner for 2020.

From the Inbox

The section formerly known as announcements.

‘Fancy Black Lady’ Season Two Begins

From the press kit: Hosts Jamila Carrington Smith and Landria Seals Green guide listeners through discussions of current events, parenting and the workplace through the lens of two experienced, multifaceted Black women. Jamila and Landria’s lively, intimate rapport invites listeners in on conversations that are honest, authentic and informed. The first episode of season two premiered this week. 

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Pod Report Highlights.

There aren’t any. Love you, drive safe.

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