The Pod Report Weekly – 8/21/20

Pinecast embed of the episode.

Oops, All Announcements! There’s a lot of news ground to cover over the past two weeks so we’re going to burn through them all in pseudo-newsletter format. Get your learnin’ hats on.


Brimstone Valley Mall’s first season finale launched today. Just over a year from creator Kristen DiMercurio announcing the project during a Podcast Movement panel (and 10 months from a successful $8,000 IndieGoGo campaign) the Whisperforge audio fiction series Brimstone Valley Mall has reached the end of its first season with a 45 minute finale split into two parts. Whisperforge.

Unseen Kickstarter reaches 170% funding in first day. Long Story Short Productions, most known for producing Wolf 359, launched a Kickstarter to fund an urban fantasy audio series titled Unseen on August 11th. The goal of $10,000 was reached in three hours, continuing on through multiple stretch goals over its first week. As of this writing it has passed $25,000. Kickstarter.

Podtales 2020 goes digital, to exhibit podcasts in RSS feed. Audio drama convention Podtales announced earlier this week their 2020 convention will be taken entirely online in partnership with The Sarah Awards from Sarah Lawrence College. Internally-organized virtual panels and events will be held over the first three weekends of November, with traditional convention exhibitor’s booths being replaced by a daily Podtales podcast feed that’ll promote 30 different audio drama throughout the month. Podtales.

Whalerock launches genre audio fiction production house Echoverse. Amongst the expected slate of authors/filmmakers dipping their toees into podcasting, Echoverse has tapped some known entities in the audio drama sphere, most notable Audacious Machine Creative teaming up with Unwell writer Jessica Best on Psyche. Deadline.

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Pod Report Highlights.

Perhaps this isn’t much of a highlight as it is “Gavin yelled at a fast food chain again” but last week I covered the launch episode of burger chain Wendy’s ad distribution feed pretending to be a podcast. Since this publication went live a second “episode” dropped.

They’ve alread run out of ideas and are retreading the same ground, except episode two doesn’t even give a useless coupon code in exchange for you burning precious minutes on Wendy’s garbage.

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