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The death of The Pod Report.

No, this is isn’t a tell-all YouTube drama video about myself, although that’d be pretty wild.

A quick glance up above will show the domain of this particular blog has changed. While partially motivated by the fact I’m no longer attending Podcast Movement 2021 and am in the mood to make impulse purchases to quell the sadness, there’s a method to this madness.

The Pod Report was my attempt at making a little corner of the internet for myself where I could work on reviewing podcasts, maybe one day growing up to be a big-brain media critic who only tweets twice a week and they’re all bangers.

Unfortunately, here I am: a 30-year-old with ADHD and an inability to shut the fuck up. Oh well.

My blog has some fond memories on it, and they’ll stay up. The branding issues and broken links will maybe be fixed as I find them. I have a habit of wanting to re-write older posts so they suck less so I tend to not re-read them and fall into that trap. Lately I find myself getting the urge ot make video essays, but I never actually want to get in front of a camera. Until the day comes when I can just make all the necessary narration and clips appear in a folder for me to get to the fun part (editing), I’ll probably fall back on blogs.

Which is to say podcast content might be sparse but the re-brand allows me to write about whatever the hell I want. Two thousand words on why Bigtop Burger is the best piece of New Media? Might just happen.

Right now I have a steady freelance gig with Discoverpods writing Podcast Spotlights and a pretty good hit-rate on pitching full articles, so if you’re itching for run-of-the-mill Gavin podcast criticism, you can find them there pretty regularly.

Also my future podcast fiction work will be over at Baldwin Audio Works, the sole project of which (so far) you can listen to for free or pick it up on Bandcamp to support future productions.

Thanks for the fun three years. Here’s to more.

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